Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tiny blue and the child's treasure

At last there are buds and blooms on the trees. The grass is greening. There are birds picking through the blades. Flitting about in the branches.

Fresh and new, it is. Lovely.

And so, naturally, I with my camera crept low to the earth searching for the tiniest of flowers in the lawn. These blooms are the reason the grass is getting tall--not yet time to mow. And, too, the reason I do not care to have the perfect one-grass-only carpet of green. I love the variety.

There are clusters of blue scattered here and there across the yard.
Upon closer inspection, individually, tiny and delicate flowers. So sweet.

There are other sweet flowers dotting the lawn. Some most hated by those who love their pure green carpet! The dandelion being one of them.

To the children, the dandelion is pure treasure. It is magical. Make a wish and blow the seeds from their stem. The wish is carried to heaven on the wind and is certain to come true.

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hakkamui said...

It would be nice to be back there in Spring one day