Monday, March 29, 2010

odd dream

Some nights, on the rare occasion I find a bit of sleep, I dream strange things.

Last night was one such occasion.

I'd gone to bed much too early, before midnight. With so much time to dream, there was bound to be something of interest I'd not forget upon my waking.

There were strangers in my dream. One was sorting through his expensive camping gear in my mother's living room. I shook his hand as though I was just meeting him for the first time and pretended I'd heard his name once before.

I'm sure I'd seen something on television about thrill-seekers and outdoorsy types to provoke such thoughts.

Though one vision was just plain odd.

In my room, in a house I was unfamiliar with, there stood a metal frame that held a large delicate paper sheet. The paper was cut maze-like, as in the image shown above. It bellowed in a breeze that was non-existent.

Someone had told me it was bad qi to have this thing in my room, though I'd no idea why. I refused to get rid of it, saying that it was a fine piece of art, cut so delicately.

Perhaps, it was a passageway of sorts...hmm...

In any case, I found myself yelling repeatedly at this bellowing, breathing sheet, "Go back to where you came from!"

Creepy, to be sure.

I've no idea what provoked these images, yet it has me curious.

It is the time of year again, when the deja-vu is most active. The dreams most vivid. I suppose it is the spring weather causing such things.

Even still... it was an odd dream.

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