Sunday, December 08, 2013

End of the Sleepies

There's that moment when you just know it's time to go.

For me, it happened tonight.  After a long simmering doubt about my decision to work the night shift, I finally called it quits.  Rather unceremoniously, at that.  I simply didn't go to work.  I know, I know.  Not the best way to announce a resignation.  But if you knew the conditions I worked under, you'd understand.

It'll take me a few days to recover.  To get back on schedule, reconnect with those who rise with the sun.  After which, I'll resume the making of videos, get back to my workout plan and write more.  Oh, and there's that photography thing!  I look forward to all of this with great zeal.

Maybe the only regret I should have is that I'll likely be deemed "un-hireable" by the company I worked for, in the event I should apply for work there in the future.  This is actually my safety-net, as it were.  It'll keep me from making the same mistake.  It'll help me focus on what I really should be doing.  This is good for all concerned.

Tonight, I'm shaking off the grogginess and refocusing my eyes.

There is ice outside.  Plenty of it.  I'll close this post with a pic or two.  Enjoy~~


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