Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fitness Ramblings Day 12

This is kind of a personal mental purging.  Read on if you wish.  You've been warned! (~.^)

So I'm sitting here staring at my video editor, quite amused at the vidclips I've stuck in it.  The first thing I should have noticed when using the GoPro Hero3 camera, was how fishy the lens was.  Well, okay, I did notice, but I didn't care.  The amazing amount of view I can get with the camera is pretty fantastic!  And when I need to shoot a workout video, you can at least see what I'm doing with my feet.

My feet... (((raucous laughter)))

I'm cracking up just thinking about it.  If the video has anything to say about them, it would say that those feet are tiny lil' thangs!  Tis not true, I say.  The vid would also mention that my midsection is my biggest part.  (~.^)  I dare say there is one other area that can take claim to being the largest.  Jus' sayin'.

Just for my own future reference, this is what I mean...
By the way, the vid I'm working on will likely be ready to go in a day or so.  I hope to finish most of it tonight.  No guarantees.  (^.^)v

Anyhow, this leads me to wonder if I've misrepresented my starting point in all this.  I suppose it's possible others will see my videos and think it must be difficult balancing on those tiny lil' feet!  But perhaps, it's just me reaching a point of concern about what others must see.  This way of thinking blooms into a whole mess of feelings I've been avoiding.

A thing that happens when one starts a new journey, one unintentionally gets to revisit the journeys of old.  At least for me, anyway.

I've figured out some nasty stuff about myself over the years.  One such item, I tend to avoid feeling uncomfortable, when at all possible.  Emotionally, that is.  I uncover this truth each time I change my diet.  And now it has happened with my most recent attempt at getting back into shape.

A friend of mine who does videos about weight loss and juice feasting mentioned something similar to what I'm going through.  He said that along with the physical detox comes the emotional one.  And sometimes it's pretty powerful stuff.  Now, I've not yet done a full-fledged juice feast, but I have become vegetarian over the past couple of years.  Let me tell ya, the emotional detox is pretty real!  I'm noticing it now, since I've re-started my workout program.  It's almost enough to make a gal quit.  But I won't.  Not this time.

When a person adopts any kind of fitness program, if they don't keep at it, any progress made will eventually be lost.  I know this from personal experience.  You pretty much have to change your lifestyle.  If you don't, it's back to square one with you!

(sigh) ~~deep cleansing breath~~

I feel a little better now.  I'll check back in later, just in case the blue cloud of self-doubt considers another over-head hover session.  Gah~~



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