Thursday, January 08, 2015

FitVlog #42 Adventure Walk | Allen Station Park

There was at least one absolutely beautiful morning happening this week.  I decided to take a nice walk that morning and make it into a video!  A bit of adventure was to be had.

The walk ended up being an hour long, so the vid is the condensed version.  It's funny how time just flew.  I think the chatting along the way must have helped.

And, yes, that park can be creepy.  The whole family thinks so, though none of us can put our finger on the cause of it.  Maybe it's just weird that it's there, looking all spiffy, and hardly anyone is there to enjoy it.  Sort of like those fancy neighborhoods with their mountainous homes and not a soul in sight.  I've biked through those neighborhoods.  The sound of my bike changing gears echoed off the cold walls.  Sometimes, I heard the wind in my ears.  Where were all the people?  Maybe this is what the apocalypse would be like in the beginning.  You know, before the crumble of the mortar started.

The park, though, has some lovely spots.  Sadly, development has changed its appearance over the years.  I'm not sure where it's headed.  Is this progress?  We've lost loads of trees and natural spaces.  In the past, I'd be intensely angry about such destruction.  But I've been here a long time.  Maybe too long.  A person can become numb to consistent assault of the land.  Especially, when the majority seems to welcome the changes and sees little value in trees and green things where the animals dwell.  No doubt my opinion on such matters would be laughable to most.

This reminds me of arguments I've had over the years concerning nature and its value.  There are actually some who believe people are more important than any animal.  To the point where an animal's habitat is only valuable if it can be paved over and there's money to be earned from its destruction.  There are those who have the mentality that our "progress" is paramount, regardless the consequences of injecting poisons into the earth and waters.  I'd say there is no advancement if you stomp around childlike on the good things the earth already provides.  Now, learning to live with all the creatures of the earth in a sustainable and healthy way, that's progress.

Until such a state is achieved, I'll appreciate what's left around me.  The small strips of green where the birds sing.  And I'll do my best to preserve what I can.  This may involve slapping myself in the face to wake up from the uncomfortable numb.  ha!

Enjoy the vid! (^.^)v

Video captured with GoPro Hero3 and Samsung Galaxy S5

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