Wednesday, January 28, 2015

FitVlog #44: Health Issues, My High BP & Partial Blindness

I debated about posting a vid on this topic for a minute or two.  Mostly because I don't like to complain when I have things go wrong.  Still, the issue is related to fitness and health, so had to be mentioned in a FitVlog.

There's been loads of stress in our household due to some serious financial issues that have come up.  We're dealing with them and should have things resolved soon.  I won't say more on that until everything is done.  We're optimistic that our lives will be back to some sort of normal in the coming months.

Even so, the stress has taken a toll, apparently.  For me personally, I've been eating tons of junk food to keep my mind off things.  Naturally, this did nothing positive for my health.  And I think I've re-activated the high blood pressure I had when my youngest children were born.  Which has left its mark on my eyesight!  Again.

I'd already suffered a "blank" spot in my vision from the preeclampsia.  I'd adjusted to it quite well, since it was only a sliver lost of my sight.  I could still see around it.  But now I'm experiencing patches of vision loss on the sides of both eyes.  And occasional blanking out of most of my vision. This is a problem.

Now, I've set about coming up with solutions to this development.  We aren't wealthy enough to see doctors about such things so I'll have to try fixing the problem on my own.  I've decided to get back to the healthy eating I had been doing months before all the tension started.  Also, the exercise.  I need more of it!  Luckily, the weather is getting warmer.  My favorite exercise happens outside.

Welp, that's the goings on for now.  I'll keep you posted!

Take care out there!  (^.^)v

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