Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Intex 16x48 Ultra Frame Pool--How We Set Ours Up

It's finally happened, after much harassment from the kiddos.  The pool is officially OPEN!

It was a bit warmish this last weekend.  Perfect for swimming!  The kids are finally out of school for summer break, so the pool needed to be set up in short order.

Our pool is an above ground 16ft x 48in Ultra Frame by Intex.  It has survived one season already.  This pool is much easier to set up than the blue Intex 15ft x 48in metal frame pool we had in years past.  It also seems to be much sturdier.  We'll see!  That blue pool lasted about 4 years, which seems to be the average life for metal frame pools.  I suppose it depends on how well we take care of it.

In the video, I didn't mention much about daily pool maintenance, so I'll do that now.

Since I don't use the pool cover the pool came with (it falls into the pool, doesn't fit and is essentially useless) I have to vacuum the pool regularly.  For that I use an above ground pool vacuum with a hose that fits onto that "intake strainer" I talk about in the vid.  The filter pump creates the suction and away goes the gross stuff that you find on the bottom of the pool!  I also much sure to keep the filter in the filter pump clean, as well as, the salt water chlorinator parts.  That's probably a whole other video though!

Enjoy the vid!  (^.^)v

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