Thursday, January 14, 2016

StarCat70 Plays | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Part 5

How many facepalm moments can you count?  Part 5 of StarCat70 Plays Skyrim!  Enjoy! (^.^)v
And here's part 4:
And thanks for watching and subscribing!  (^.^)v
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:::::::Music Credits
Royalty Free Music Provided by
Epidemic Sound
1.  "March Of The Brave 5"  Composer: Rannar Sillard
2.  "Bad Place To Be In 1"  Composer: Jonatan Järpehag
3.  "CreepyDrone04"  Composer: Jon Björk
4.  "CreepyDrone02"  Composer: Jon Björk
5.  "Cinematic Dubstep 4"  Composer: Niklas Gustavsson
6.  "Choirs Of War 3"  Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
7.  "Void"  Composer: Rannar Sillard
8.  "Weapons Of Impact 1"  Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
9.  "Thrilling Drone 8"  Composer: Henrik Neesgaard
10.  "Forest Run 5"  Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
11.  "Magnificent March 2"  Composer: Johannes Bornlöf
12.  "Emperors Of Tomorrow 1"  Composer: Rannar Sillard
13.  "Rise Of The Phoenix 1"  Composer: Johannes Bornlöf

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