Friday, December 16, 2016

Upcoming Projects & the YouTube Glitch

Here's a vloggy thing about my upcoming vid projects and about the infamous YouTube Glitch?
Enjoy! (^.^)v
@Madison89Miller's Twitter post about the YouTube glitch--
Timmy Timato's vid about the YouTube glitch--
YouTube's tweet about the YouTube glitch--
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♫♪Music Credits♪♫
Royalty Free Music Provided by
Epidemic Sound
1.  "One Life 3"  Composer: Niklas Gustavsson
2.  "Own The World 2"  Composer: Axel Ljung
3.  "Love It Or Leave It"  Composer: Martin Hall, Artist: Dinah Smith
4.  "Get Lost"  Composer: Niklas Gustavsson, Artist: Lucy

▲Video Software & Audio Gear▲
Video and audio edited by me. (^.^)v
Audio & Video edited with Movie Studio Platinum 13 Suite.
Video captured with OBS Studio.
VO recorded with Blue Yeti and edited with Audacity.

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