Monday, January 02, 2017

StarCat70 Plays | Adam Wolfe | Episode 01: Part 2

A little easygoing Adam Wolfe gameplay.  Episode 1 finished!  Enjoy! (^.^)v
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Adam Wolfe developed and published by Mad Head Games
Please Note:  The awesome game music has been replaced with Royalty Free music from Epidemic Sound for "reasons". ;)
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♫♪Music Credits♪♫
Royalty Free Music Provided by
Epidemic Sound
*(music is listed once and in order that it first appears)

1.  "The Big Thrill 2"  Composer: Niklas Gustavsson
2.  "Undiscovered Truth 2"  Composer: Peter Sandberg
3.  "Timezone 4"  Composer: Gunnar Johnsén
4.  "Action Trailer 3"  Composer: Jon Björk
5.  "City Wakes Up"  Composer: Gunnar Johnsén
6.  "Burned"  (Production Element)
7.  "Guitar Textures 4"  Composer: Rannar Sillard
8.  "Action Trailer 1"  Composer: Jon Björk
9.  "Action Trailer 7"  Composer: Jon Björk
10.  "Haunting 01"  Composer: Fredrik Ekstrom
11.  "Blurred Reflections 2"  Composer: Rannar Sillard
12.  "Confidential Reports 1"  Composer: Peter Sandberg
13.  "Timeline"  Composer: Rannar Sillard
14.  "Suspended"  Composer: Gunnar Johnsén
15.  "Escalade 3"  Composer: Peter Sandberg
16.  "Action Trailer 12"  Composer: Jon Björk
17.  "Action Trailer 13 T60"  Composer: Jon Björk

▲Video Software & Audio Gear▲
Video and audio edited by me. (^.^)v
Game play capture software:  OBS Studio
Audio & Video edited with Movie Studio Platinum 13 Suite.
VO captured using Razer Kraken headphone mic.

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