Tuesday, April 04, 2017

StarCat70 Plays | Adam Wolfe | Episode 04: Part 1

Almost the end.  Will Adam save his sister?  Adam Wolfe:  Episode 04 gameplay--Part 1!  (^.^)v
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Find it here on Steam:   http://store.steampowered.com/app/483420/
Adam Wolfe developed and published by Mad Head Games
Please Note:  The awesome game music has been replaced with Royalty Free music for "reasons". ;)
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♫♪Music Credits♪♫

♪Royalty Free Music & SFX Provided by

*(music is listed once and in order that it first appears)

1.  "Undiscovered Truth 2" - Peter Sandberg
2.  "Pulsating Distorted Bass 1"   Niklas Gustavsson
3.  "Confidential Reports 1"  Peter Sandberg
4.  "Pulsating Distorted Bass 10" - Niklas Gustavsson
5.  "The Cellars"  Magnus Ringblom
6.  "Suspended"  Gunnar Johnsén
7.  "Guitar Textures 4"  Rannar Sillard
8.  "Timezone 4"  Gunnar Johnsén
9.  "My Kind Of Illusion 2"  Niklas Gustavsson
10.  "Organic Foundation 2" - Niklas Gustavsson
11.  "Timeline"  Rannar Sillard
12.  "Action Trailer 13 T60"  Jon Björk
13.  "Running Out Of TIme"  Jon Björk

▲Video Software & Audio Gear▲
Video and audio edited by me. (^.^)v
Game play capture software:  OBS Studio
Voice Over captured with ZoomH2
Audio & Video edited with Movie Studio Platinum 13 Suite.

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