Sunday, March 02, 2008

ahhh spring!...or is it?

While it is not officially declared the spring season, I'm watching (with too much excitement) a line of severe spring-like storms. These storms are heading this way now, so this post will be a bit short. heheee
I hope to get back to this when the storm some pics of today's gloom to post! :oD

It is 11:30pm, and somewhere west of here has already been issued a tornado warning~~ lots of wind, lots of big hail.
Looks like it'll be a busy night!

I love storms. I really shouldn't... But, I do.

There is a cold front behind the line. Tomorrow we are expecting the temp to drop drastically. Today's temp was around 70 degrees. Might get snow tomorrow, and a freeze!


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Anonymous said...

The storms are so wonderful!! The rain... the wind.... it all electrifies the body, makes you feel alive!! :)