Saturday, March 01, 2008

people or plastic?

This week was a long one. Lots to be done.

Most of it was enjoyable. I've only one gripe...

Plastic people.

This town seems to be full of them. Those who are more concerned about appearances and swollen pocketbooks. The type of people who run non-celluloids over in the parking lot with their suburban assault vehicles and run over them again with their shopping carts, because they just don't "see" them. And if plastic people, by some odd chance or particular alignment of the stars, actually apologize for this lack of vision, they won't look a person in the eye or exude any hint of sincerity at all!

I'm not sure where these neoprene humanoids came from, though I dare say they are not native to the area. This state of Texas is, after all, known for its hospitality... right?

I swear, once, when someone actually looked me in the eyes and spoke friendly to me, I nearly cried, touched by the connection. Such a rare thing.

Makes me almost miss home.


Ah well, perhaps if only I'd stumbled across the article, "To Be a Snob or Not to Be", on Time Magazine's site a long, long time ago, I might understand the whole concept a bit better.


Anonymous said...

Of course you know I'm a fan of your photography and your beauty; strange though, that you would put a picture of only a partial face juxtaposed against your prose.

It would seem that you are arguing that these plastisols need to be more human; yet at the same time showing the partiality of your own humanity.

Perhaps a smile to warm those eyes? Perhaps a chin to soften that glare? maybe?


StarCat70 said...

this is what becomes of one caught swimming upstream~~
the image is intentional. :oD

and thank you for the lovely compliment~~

Anonymous said...

Methinks thou dost expect far too much from your fellow humans... most seem to deal with the world by slipping into a protective dream, ignoring what surrounds them. The others in their dream are not real, only 2 dimensional characters existing to flesh out the dream.... For instance, have you ever looked at the counter person at the fast food place, or a stranger walking down the road and wondered if they were a happy person?

StarCat70 said...

this reminds me of a conversation i had recently...:o)

Anonymous said...

have you heard about the new "waiters" at restaurants in california? they are starting to use computers screens!!
Why does there seem to be such a desire to strip us of human contact? :(

StarCat70 said...

hmmm...maybe people are scared of each other...or just too lazy to want to say "hello"....or....just selfish....
haven't we realized we are all in this together? and we expect peoples of the world to get along...ha!