Tuesday, March 04, 2008

happy now?

Recently, my husband mentioned something he saw on television about happiness. If I'm not mistaken, this was on PBS with Deepak Chopra.

The show, explored what true happiness might be and compared the views of different people.

A woman, when asked about her happiness, believed she was truly happy since she had her grandchildren with her and all was well. The Buddhist believed he could not be happy in the same way as the woman. He is seeking a different kind of happiness--Enlightenment.

For years, it seems, I have thought the simple things brought me the most happiness. So, the woman and I are more alike. But when I think about it, I can also understand what the Buddhist is saying.

True, we can find a short-lived happiness in the little things or even in the big things. We might smile inside when we buy a new car. Eventually, that wears off and means less over time. What then?

I could list the things that make me feel happy. Yet, I realize these things are external "items". Sometimes they are people even. So, if I lose those things, am I less happy?

Does one's true happiness depend on all these "things" we acquire and people we have in our lives, or can it simply be found within?


I'm not sure.

Gosh... that's depressing... :o|


Anonymous said...

nothing will make you happy forever.... eventually you would become accustomed to it wand it will lose it's impact. i believe a happy person finds pleasure in the thousands of small things that are our lives.. the clouds.. the rain.. a flower.... a smile.. all things, but things that occur constantly and, as such, could never really be lost.

StarCat70 said...

:o) thank you

Anonymous said...

i had a thought today about this.. perhaps it is important to revel in just being.. i don't mean hedonism, bad things mean much to us as well. To enjoy all that life has to offer, shouldn't we be willing to enjoy each seperate small gift that life has to offer?