Monday, August 11, 2008

In a few days, I'll be testing out the Nikon D80.

Still not the Nikon D3, but it's a start.

The D80 is much less expensive than the D3, which is a plus. I doubt I really need the D3 anyway. And, when the husband gets the D3, I'll have the D80 all to myself.

The D80 doesn't have auto sensor cleaning like the newer D60, but there are other features I'm sure to like. For one, the D80 is slightly larger. And yeah, as far as DSLRs go, size matters. At least to me. Another feature D80 has, that D60 doesn't, is bracketing. Even my compact P5100 has that.

Me thinks there'll be test shots posted here. Now we've got to dig up the old Nikon lenses and see what will and will not work.

Should be fun.

Geez, this reminds me to pick up my Coolpix P5100 and finish those kid vids I'd promised!

Just for a bit of fun~~

Thanks to angiestakeshi for sharing the vid.


fargo chan said...

well, D3 will hefta wait.. D200 is coming instead. it's coming ,,it's coming...

StarCat70 said...

now we just need a photography road trip!!!!