Wednesday, August 06, 2008

this is only a test

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Since I was recently playing around with the settings on Cyberlink Power Director, I thought I'd attempt to upload a higher-quality vid for YouTube. As we all know, YouTube video quality is a bit fuzzy, especially if there is text involved. So, I thought I'd try to sharpen the edges by following a few tips found by searching "high quality" on the YouTube Forum.

The following vid is a test. I'd previously posted it to YouTube as a WMV. It is now an AVI. The settings have been changed from a typical WMV format to a DivX. Frame rate is set at 30fps. Audio set as MP3. Video compression data bitrate is 460 Kbs. Size 640x480.

Below is the original.

This is a typical WMV that has been YouTubed and seems slightly smushy, though it is brighter in some areas.

I'm not sure which I like best.

Me thinks more testing needs to be done.
Fun stuff!

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