Friday, August 22, 2008

mystical physics

Whilst re-reading an old issue of PopSci, I came across something I must have missed the first time.

Me thinks it was the pretty picture of a delicate wineglass, with some sort of red-orange glowing concoction in it, that threw me off. (Yeah, it has nothing to do with my planets pic~~I like planets...what can I say? :o)

The bright liquid in the glass, a hydrogen peroxide and chlorine combo. The glowing, according to quantum mechanics, shouldn't happen. That it does, opens up another way of thinking. To read the PopSci article click here.

Quantum physics is pretty weird stuff. For more on quantum research found on Science Daily click here.

I could go on about how cool the subject is, but I've run out of time. Perhaps, when science shows time travel possible... ahh...imagine the possibilities!

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