Monday, July 30, 2012

Fresh Makeup Look for the "Feeling Crummy" Days

When I'm feeling a little under the weather, as I have been lately, it helps to put on a face and get on with the day. So, I made a little video about it. Nothing fancy, just a simple quick look to help brighten the mood.

Basically, it's all about keeping makeup light, while still getting enough coverage to look less zombie-like. I've tried just washing my face and leaving skin bare, but the dark circles under my eyes make me look worse than I actually feel! haha!

Even though I don't go out much lately (it's too blooming hot outside!) I still like to have something on my face. I feel more polished and alert with my mask on. For me, it's fun to play in the makeup!

Oh, I like to pretend I'm not a girly girl and that things like nail polish and blush don't matter to me. Really, there are loads of other things I find more entertaining.

Still, truth be told, I enjoy experimenting with the different looks eyeliners and shadows can give. And sometimes, the pigments and potions help me pretend I feel fabulous, even when I don't.

So here's to face paint and the joys it brings! \(^.^)/

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