Thursday, July 05, 2012

Shooting the Moon

Moon Photo ©shaunachan2012

Yep, it's the moon.

I've got probably hundreds of moon photos stored somewhere on laptops and memory cards.  They all look pretty much alike.  Ha!  And yet, I still keep shooting the moon.

It isn't that I expect it to change much over the years.  Who knows?  What if it did???  Now there's  a thought!  (^.-)

Still, it's like home.  It's comforting to see it hanging there in the sky.

I need a better lens to take moon pics.  Something that will get a bit closer.

This particular pic was taken with my Nikon D80.  The lens, 85mm prime.  The f-stop I set to f/8, in hopes of getting the image a tiny bit sharper.  Since I didn't use a tripod, I didn't want to get the aperture too small.  I set the exposure time to  1/60 sec, again because I didn't bring a tripod.  Next time, maybe.  And finally, the ISO at 200.

It's not the best pic o' the moon, but it looks like... the moon.  (O.o)

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