Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Bit of an Off Week

Sleeping Bunny (c)ShaunaChan2012

This week has been a bit off.

There's a summer cold of sorts going around it seems. Sniffles, sneezes, aches and more. In recovery mode as we speak.

I'd planned to run in the new shoes, though I've only managed a couple of workouts. The running will have to wait. The illness has sapped my energy. That, and the 100+ degree heat. A swim seems more appealing, right about now.

In the meantime, I've been working on other things. And gearing up for another school year. Looking forward to it, and not.

This year marks the first for the littlest one in the house to go to school. Pretty exciting, I must say. Though, he's not thrilled about it. He's tried to convince me he has no need for school, since he knows his numbers and letters already. What more does he need to know? Somehow, I'm not convinced his obsessive playing of Little Big Planet has truly prepared him for the real world. (^.-)

When school starts, I'll be kicking the fitness into high gear. I'll be posting videos about the workouts I'm doing and what I've accomplished with them, in case someone might be interested.

Of course, I'd be doing all this right now, before school starts, but for some reason all that time I was supposed to have during summer vacation has eluded me. Maybe, just maybe, there'll be some time when the kiddos have their own business to take care of.

Earlier today, I stepped outside to test the air. The sun is searing. I can smell the crisp death of yellowing grass. It's a touch warm, to be sure. And though the pool water has reached bathwater stage in temperature... tonight, I'm going for a swim!

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