Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Okay, So What Is This Influenster Anyway and Why Join?!

You may have seen my previous posts about the free VoxBoxes I've received from Influenster and wondered what it's all about.  Maybe this post will help explain what it is and why I like it so much!

First, to get the in-depth scoop or to get yourself started right away in the Influenster community, go to Influenster.com . 

Now, here's my take.  

Influenster is a place for those of us who like to try out the latest products, and some of the oldies, too, and share with the world what we like or don't like about them.  You know, influence people!  So, if an influenster likes something or not, they're sure to let you know, either by word of mouth, on Facebook, Twitter, or on just about any other social network.  Also, Influenster is a great place to see what others are thinking about products.  It's a community of trendsetters!  

Influenster is also just a fun place!  I find I'm making new friends within the Influenster community, which is just one of the many bonuses of signing up.  Some of the other fun things to do include unlocking what they call "badges" and possibly being selected to receive free samples to try, so that you can share the 411 about them with others.

For example, here's a pic of what was in the first "VoxBox" I received:
Influenster Mom VoxBox 2012

And the second!
Influenster Naturals VoxBox 2012
Pretty neat, huh?

I tried all  these products out and shared with everyone I know personally (and in the online world) what I really truly thought about them.  I blogged about it, tweeted it, made a video unboxings.  Oh, when I really like something, I make videos about them individually!  Here's an example:

Pretty much, when you join Influenster.com , in order to receive the free samples, you need to agree to share your opinions and fill out surveys.  Sounds easy enough.  For me, it's actually lots of fun!

Alright, I've not been part of Influenster for very long, but even in the short time I've been with the program, I've seen some positive changes they've made to the website.  So, if you were ever thinking of joining before, and were maybe turned off by the way the site was set up previously, you may love the new stuff they've got going on.

First of all, the site's appearance is greatly improved!  It has a cleaner look.  Navigating through it makes more sense and is just easier.  It's also much easier to edit your profile.

One of the other new features is the point system they've set up.  Now, you can earn points in addition to earning the badges.  So you can challenge yourself and test how influential you really are and have some competition with other members of the community.  Who wouldn't want to get "Expert Badges" or attain a super high "Influenster Score"!  A fun game, to be sure.

In addition to all of that, for those of us who like to blog, vlog or just socialize on social networks, joining Influenster gives you a chance to fine-tune all those skills.  And it helps us stay-at-home moms to stay connected with the rest of the world! :o)

Here, I sample the Shea Moisture Baby Bar Soap
from the Naturals VoxBox.  Good Stuff!
Okay, I'm sure there are some other features Influenster.com has to offer that I may have forgotten to mention.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go check it out and see for yourself!  And more importantly, have fun! (^.^)/

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