Monday, October 29, 2012

Simple Face

Recently, I did a video for a dramatic makeup look using my favorite black and red eyeshadows.  That post here: 
Right after I finished that video, I swiped it all off and put on a slightly more natural look~so I could run some errands without getting too much attention.  haha! (O.o)

Since the camera was right there, I filmed the "natural look", too!  Here it is...
Enjoy! (^.^)/

I decided to stick with a BB cream by Garnier in the light/medium color, instead of using a foundation.  This particular BB cream gives my skin a moist dewy feel.  It also contains a sunscreen and has a slight tint, though the coverage is light.  It's perfect to use for a simple every day face, since it goes on smoothly without caking.  

Now, I do use a lot of CoverGirl concealer in fair, because I have dark circles under my eyes and a bit of redness here and there.  Also, the concealer gives a contouring effect.

To cut down on shine, I dusted lightly with CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder in translucent fair.  It feels clean without the heaviness. 

For my brows, I used a light taupe/brown color from the Coastal Scents 26 Shadow & Blush Palette.  This just fills them in a bit.  

Just a hint of color goes on the lid of the eye.  I used the highlighting blush from the same Coastal Scents palette.  The color is very pale and is in a matte finish.  Subtle, but it brightens.

The crease has a darker brown color from the palette.  I blended it out almost completely with a fluffy brush, since all I wanted was just a hint of a shadow.  

An even darker brown shadow was used as a liner, again, from the same palette.  I used a small flat rounded-tip brush for this.  

I finished the eyes off with Maybelline's The Falsies (flared) Mascara in very black.  Though in the video I think I said it was blackest black.  Honestly, I think they look the same.  I've used them both and can't tell.  (^.-)

For the lips, I wanted to stay very neutral.  Mostly, because it's more natural looking.  But also, my lips are a bit uneven and thin.  This helps to keep the focus off of them, I think.  I used a Maybelline lip pencil in toast and topped it off with Maybelline lipstick in totally toffee.  

Oh, I almost forgot the cheeks!  This is important, since blushes can help a lot with contouring the face.  To keep it simple, I decided to forgo the Coastal Scents 6 Contour and Blush Palette.  It's my favorite contouring palette, but I use it more for dramatic looks.  Instead, I decided to use the blushes in the 26 Shadow & Blush Palette.  I chose the shade that is more brownish for contouring the hollows of the cheeks, temples, forehead and under the chin.  Then for the apples of the cheek, I applied the more pinkish brown tone.  I used the palest color to highlight my cheekbones.

I think that completes the face. (^.^)/

Thanks for checking it out!
Stay tuned!

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