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VoxBox Naturals 2012 Reviews!

It's review time, at last!

I've tried all the items in the VoxBox Naturals.  I'm ready to let you all know what I thought of them.  And, though I'm not super crazy about all the products, I do appreciate that they are natural and are all basically pretty good stuff!

So, let's get started...  Oh, and by the way, I'll also be posting a review vid on these a little later.

CleanWell Individual Hand Sanitizer Wipes:
$29.99 for 50 pouches   
The CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Wipes are said to kill germs without the use of alcohol, by using all natural ingredients.  It is also supposed to moisturize, be gentle to the skin and be easy on the earth.  While I believe these claims may be true, I was only given one sample packet, so it was difficult to put it to the test.  

When I used the product (I wiped it on my hands and across my neck) the first thing I noticed was the strong citrus scent.  For quite some time after using the wipe, the strong scent seemed to linger.  It was reminiscent of a bug spray.  I really wanted to like the wipe, because it would be a great natural product to use on my children.  However, the scent stayed for quite some time and, at least to me, was not at all pleasant enough for me to want to use it again.  

Still, the idea of a natural sanitizing wipe is fantastic.  So, if the scent were improved a bit, I'd go for this product.  It didn't dry my skin out at all.  I felt as though it left my skin clean and moisturized.  The bonus is that it sanitizes, too!
$28 for box of 20 effervescent powders
$39 for box of 30 effervescent powders
$39 for box of 12 shots
EBOOST is a dietary supplement drink mix.  It comes in four flavors; Orange, Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate, Super Berry.  You can get them in effervescent powders or in shot drinks.  The product is supposed to boost immunity, mood and focus.  

First, I received only one packet, so I cannot say for certain if this product does what it claims.  The problem I had with it is the flavor.  I received the orange effervescent powder.  

I mixed the powder with water, as directed, and added a little ice.  It became fizzy.  The flavor reminded me of a very dry, unsweet sort of Perrier water with a hint of orange.  Or, an orange chewable vitamin.  Maybe it is what Alka Seltzer tastes like?  This may not be a horrible flavor to some, but for me it was a negative.

Were I able to get past the taste, I think this product may have done some good for me.  It is loaded with vitamins and natural ingredients and comes in convenient packaging.     

$5.99 for 2.3oz stick
GeoDeo is a 97% natural 24 hour deodorant.  It's ingredients are to help detoxify and help clear out impurities in the skin in a gentle effective way.  It contains volcanic minerals, Icelandic algae, enzymes, bamboo, aloe and vitamin E.  These ingredients do the job of moisturizing and healing the skin while detoxifying and neutralizing odors.  

Although I essentially like this product, the odor neutralizing properties didn't seem to last an entire 24 hours.  By the end of a day, I could smell a slight musky scent, though it wasn't horrible.  I did put GeoDeo through a rigorous trial, which might explain the end result.  

Throughout the days I had used this product, the air conditioning was not working in our house and the air was pretty hot and humid.  I also had completed a workout or two, rode my bike a few miles and took a couple of walks/jogs.

GeoDeo is very gentle and non-staining.  It has a very nice light and clean scent in the package, though the scent seems to dissipate after the product is applied.  I like that although it is intended as a deodorant, it also seems to help with wetness.  Despite the workouts and my hot house, I felt pretty fresh most of the day.  

This is a product I would likely purchase in the future for those times when I just want to feel clean, without the sticky and thick antiperspirant I normally use.  I suspect this product may work better over time with repeated use, though it isn't mentioned in the product description.    

The Original Dish Drying Mat:
The Original Dish Drying Mat is for putting those hand-washed dishes on to dry.  It absorbs 4 times its weight in water.  It has a foam core sandwiched between absorbent microfiber.  

Well, this product pretty much does what it says.  It isn't fancy, which may be it's only drawback, and a minor one at that.  The only thing I could come up with to spruce it up a bit was to add colors or maybe a pretty pattern.  Otherwise, there really aren't any cons. :o)

I like that the mat is super absorbent and cushy.  I can put glasses on it without worry they will slip off.  And, there's no mess of water traveling across the countertop.  Also, this guy is machine washable.  It has a loop on it for hanging, too, which can help dry it out or store it until next time. 

LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer:
$2.87 to $2.99
LypSyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer contains Swedish beeswax, organic shea butter, and vitamins A and E, to moisturize, soften and protect lips.  It comes in a cute package!    


I use LypSyl every day.  It goes on smooth and soft and keeps my lips soft for most of the day.  It protects my lips from the wind and seems to give them slight refreshing tingle.  The packaging is easy to use and cute; it has a little bee for a slider.  :o)

$3.99 for 40 servings
$6.99 for 140 servings
NECTRESSE is a natural sweetener from the makers of Splenda.  It has a blend of monk fruit, sugar, molasses and other natural sweeteners.  This sweetener has no calories!

From what I can tell so far, there are no cons.  My only curiosity is with the ingredient erythritol.  This is considered a natural ingredient and my understanding is that it is safe.

I like this product because it looks just like sugar and tastes like it, too!  

I first put it on my finger to taste it and found the texture and flavor pleasing.  I can imagine putting this on strawberries to sweeten them and enjoying it.  I did use Nectresse in a glass of iced tea.  It tasted just like tea sweetened with sugar.  Nice product!  I would have liked to have received a few more packets to test, but I suppose I'll just have to go out and buy my own.  :o)

SheaMoisture Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Baby Bar Soap:
$4.99 for a 5oz bar

SheaMoisture Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Baby Bar Soap contains no sulfates and is gentle for babies and children (and adults, too!).  It calms eczema with its natural ingredients of shea butter, argan oil, chamomile extract, frankincense and myrrh.  

No serious cons to mention, really.  I thought the scent was a little masculine, but it does dissipate quickly after use.  My young daughter loves the scent!

SheaMoisture Baby Bar Soap is one of my favorites products from the VoxBox.  I love how moisturizing it is and look forward to trying it out during the winter, when our skin is driest.  

I used this on my kids and found it to be soft and gentle but effective in cleansing.  I also used the soap on my face.  My skin was not tight and dry after use.  Instead, I found my skin to feel nourished and clean.  The bar seems as though it will last a long time and it lathers well.  Nice!

So, there you have it!  

It was loads of fun receiving and sampling these products in the Naturals VoxBox from  Which, by the way, I received completely free, in exchange for my sharing what I thought about them.  

I hope you found these product reviews useful! :o)

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