Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Here It Is--My Short Little A-Kon24 Vid!

Finally!  After much face-squinching and nothing but trouble with the old editing software, I've finished the A-Kon video.  Of course, the new Vegas Movie Studio 12 helped a great deal!  That, and my decision to scrap most of the video I had of the convention.

Yes, what you see here is at least 2 times shorter than the original video I had put together.  Most of the footage was simply too shaky.  Not fun to watch at all.  And no amount of stabilizing in the editor helped.  I hope what's left is enough to get some idea of the big event in Dallas.

I mentioned before, we weren't supposed to be in Dallas that Saturday.  As luck would have it, a friend of the family had a spare hotel room and offered it to us.  We went, sans convention badges, planning only to roam the halls of the Hilton Anatole, which is the new venue for A-Kon.  I think we were lost the whole time!  Still, it was an adventure.


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