Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Miscellaneous Thoughts on Vid Editing and A-Kon 24

Okay, so I'm deep in vid-editing mode.

Just a little tip, to myself, and everyone who likes to shoot video.  Tis much, much easier to record nice and smooth video with a tripod.  Or, if you're walking around, a fancy piece of stabilizing equipment might do.  It's much more difficult to stabilize that vid in editing software.  Particularly, if you've got loads of it!  I'll say a similar thing about photography.  Much better to take the time to get a decent shot than it is to try and "fix" a pic later.  Just sayin'.  With the understanding that there are of course, on occasion, happy accidents.

This is not one such occasion.

Let me start from the beginning...

I wasn't supposed to be attending A-Kon 24 this year.  There was no badge in my hands.  But, a good friend of ours had an extra hotel room to offer us, and thought we might enjoy being in the atmosphere of the anime convention.  Indeed!  This offer could not be refused.  The room was lovely, by the way.
Hilton Anatole Dallas, Texas

Hilton Anatole Dallas, Texas

With vid-cam in hand, we walked the grounds and filmed what we saw.  No fancy equipment.  Lots of video.  Very bad video.  Nauseating video in desperate need of stabilization.  Gah!

At this moment, I'm switching back and forth between this blog and video editing software, selecting clips to fix as I go.

Another note to self:
If the software fails to render video 4 times, attempting to render a fifth time, I dunno, probably won't work!
Vegas Movie Studio 10.0 Error Screen
There were phantom memory issues with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0.  Others spoke of this problem, one that seems to be hit and miss.  Sometimes you get the error, sometimes you don't.  It seems there is no real resolution for it, other than to upgrade to a newer version Movie Studio.  Which I did (Shhh!...some of us don't know about this little expenditure).  I'm operating Movie Studio Platinum 12 now.  So far, so good!

If all goes well, I may soon have an A-Kon vid to post!  Though a shorter version of the original.  If only I'd had my DSLR camera with me, I might have some such item of quality to post.  Egad.  Another notable thing.

More on this later...    


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