Thursday, September 11, 2008


In some parts of the world, counterfeit merch is viewed as, well, acceptable. Cool even. There are whole streets full of vendors selling rip-offs. In some cases the knock-offs are actually pretty good.

I've known people who laugh at the audacity of those who sell the stuff. And who think it's funny how closely the fakes resemble the genuine articles.

I'm not laughing. The thought of it makes me cringe.

Yeah, it may be nice to get a deal on something trendy or fun. But what about other items, such as the necessities? Not only are the makers of the genuine products being ripped off, there is also an issue of safety. Take the fake dog food, mentioned in this New York Times article, that killed and sickened so many pets, for example.

Today, I saw a Reuters news item, here, about possible counterfeit baby formula, which has caused the death of one baby and has sickened many others.

Could there be such desperation to threaten the lives of babies for just a few bucks?

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Anonymous said...

Did you read the story about all the fake drugs on the internet? Like 80% of those tested were fake, defective, the wrong medicine, the wrong dose, etc.
Anything for a buck, I suppose.
But, people chasing the cheapest way out are a huge part of the problem. How can you trust an anonymous source on the internet?!
Says the anonymous guy!! :)