Monday, September 08, 2008


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Normally, I do not post political items on this blog. Something has changed ... Something needs to change.


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Biden--"The silence was deafening!"

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Palin--What does a VP do?

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Palin--Qualifications (according to Mrs. McCain)

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Clearly, I am a democrat, and have been since I can remember. It's the social and environmental issues. I can't turn my back on those. Not for reckless tax cuts. Not for supposed republican "morals". The people, all of them, and the planet matter too much.

That said, over the years, there have been many republicans I have admired. The Republican party of today, I do not recognize. I'm saddened by the RNC circus. The hatefulness of it. The gimicks played on us. Though, oddly enough, I actually found McCain much more likeable, after his speech, than I found any of those speaking for him. Perhaps, he should speak for himself.

Many were baffled at the Republican VP pick. There were many possible intelligent choices. Instead, they have chosen someone, Palin, who is barely known by McCain. There are questions as to the vetting of Palin, as well as questions about an alleged ethics violation while governor of Alaska. She is under investigation, as reported on here. There are even questions as to why McCain would pick someone farther to the right than almost anyone, including himself, whilst he claims to be bipartisan.

Many of Palin's claims to fame simply are not true. More on this can be found here at We are awaiting Charles Gibson's interview with Palin on ABCnews later this week. Palin will have avoided press interviews up to that time. Seems to me, a VP pick ought to be strong enough to speak for themselves at any time without need to be sequestered from the press.

I'm shocked. Indeed, it seems, many of us are not invited to the Republican shin-dig.

Once again, the country is deeply divided.

Obama--Thoughts on Biden, Palin

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Not about the issues?

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Ah, well. This may be last mention of politics on this blog.

On to happier things~~ like the new photography light kit that just arrived!

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