Tuesday, September 09, 2008


With solemn face and depressed spirit, my daughter arrived home from school today.

There had been much talk amongst the kids, even teachers, about the end of the world tomorrow.


Apparently, concern is growing about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and the experiment to be conducted September 10th.

While I'd been somewhat excited about the discoveries yet to be made, I'd not considered the terror others may feel.

To, perhaps, quell fears of the world's demise in a giant black hole, a bit of information on the LHC's safety can be found here.

And so, we'll eat junk food tonight!
Just in case.


Anonymous said...

Shows how much teachers know!!
The world is always half full of alarmists srying from the highest rooftops about how this or that will destry the world. Hmm, they havn't been right yet....
(Not that this is a jab at the global warnming crowd....)

StarCat70 said...

nah...me thinks most people who would take a jab at global warming peeps are still in denial...heheeee :o)
but this reminds me of some old news on the matter~~
CBSnews article on gov. scientist James Hansen

and relatively recent, 2007, despite efforts to quash anxiety about the environ and deny human role in junking up the place, the bush peeps now believe there is a problem.
BBCnews article on Bush science advisor

oh yeah....i'm supposed to be taking a break! :o)
~~more later