Monday, October 20, 2008


It's been quite some time since I've used the GIMP.

Though, because Image Ready 2.0 doesn't seem to work with Windows Vista, I'm checking out some of the popular free graphic apps. At least, until I feel like forking over about $700 for Adobe Photoshop CS4.

So here it is, a spinning rock I've created with GIMP. It isn't much, I know. Surely it will take a bit of time to explore the possibilities. And, it will take a little getting over the loss of Image Ready 2.0.

Next, I think I'll try the Pencil app. :o)


Anonymous said...

I think you'll love Gimp. It takes some getting used to but has most of the functional power of Photo Shop.

Nice rock. :j

StarCat70 said...

so far i'm having fun with gimp.
i'm trying to decide which plugins to install. i'm known to go a bit overboard with plugins~~~