Friday, October 24, 2008

red shoes

Thank you nellie4real for sharing this image.

Tonight, I'm up late.

Okay, I'm always up late.

As I type this, I'm glancing from time to time at the television. A 1948 film is playing, The Red Shoes. It's a romantic, dramatic film about a ballerina realizing her dreams.

Normally, I don't watch films about ballet. Perhaps, it is because I'd been a ballet dancer years ago, and I miss it too much. Dancing and the theater. My past loves.

Watching someone else perform, I can almost feel the fluidity of the motions. It's like flying. It is a freedom. As though one's spirit was let out to play for that moment.

The Red Shoes has brought back memories, indeed. So much hard work. The butterflies before a show. And the pure joy after.

Ah, I do miss it. But now, there are different things keeping the heart light. The children, bike rides, music, the singing...

On it goes...

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