Wednesday, October 22, 2008

e.t. field guide of sorts

Whilst viewing YouTube vids about the recent UK disclosure of UFO files (I do enjoy a good UFO story!), I stumbled across a book titled, E.T. 101--The Cosmic Instruction Manual! ,the apparent collaborative effort of Zoev Jho and Mission Control.

This posting is mainly for my husband, since I'd mentioned it to him, but couldn't express the book's finer points. He'll just have to find the humor in it himself.

It is also for anyone else who might enjoy a bit of weirdness with their coffee.

That's about all I've got to say on the matter.

To enjoy, click HERE.


fargo chan said...

honey...i'm E.T crawling in. i need some time to recover...will read more about me...i'm E.T ... i must take some rest..i must...goodness...i'm E.T. that'd explained why i'm so skinny...i'm E.T i must....tylenol..ibuprofin...codein..dubages..pots (of flower dust), where's my be right back!!

StarCat70 said...

ah you did enjoy a bit of light reading about your true mission in life!... heheeee