Sunday, October 18, 2015

StarCat70 Plays | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

With close to 10 bux in the Steam account, I was able to acquire The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim.  Yep, it was on sale!  I've been waiting for this one for a while.

And so, last night I fired up the Alienware and dove into the game for a few hours.  It was hard to stop, because I kept discovering new things.  See, I went into this knowing very little about how the game is played and I didn't watch or read any walkthroughs.  This was a cold play.  Which actually made it even more fun!

In this vid, I'm just showing the first 10 minutes or so of gameplay.  Well, what really happened was I hoarded a bunch of items and searched for loads more, thus much of the video had to be cut down or sped up considerably.  Hoarding items takes time.  You have to snoop around, search the bodies, look in baskets, gather baskets, food...  On and on.

Now, I'm not sure if gathering all those items is entirely necessary.  Most of it, I don't yet know what it's for.  But I went in thinking these items could be sold for more gold.  You know, you always need some gold.  And harvesting herbs and the like, surely I'll be making potions with those at some point.  The only concern I have about my abundance of heavy items is that it may weigh me down, which will sap my energy and make me slow.  Or is it only the armor and the weaponry that does that?  I should learn about that sometime.  

I've determined that I'm kinda goofy when I play games.  I'm just now noticing this because I've only recently been recording myself playing.  Seeing oneself play can be humbling.  hahaha!  Still, I'm having fun!  \(^.^)/

Oh, that's another thing I mentioned at the top of the vid.  Having fun.  Lately, I've been hearing noise in the gaming community.  There's an ugly arrogance rearing its head.

Apparently, there are gamers out there boasting of their eliteness.  It seems if you have opinions on games or claim to be a gamer, you'd better have 100s of titles in your Steam account and have finished most of them.  Otherwise, you got no cred and no right to say a thing about a game.  ha!  I'm just waiting for someone to rip apart my little "let's play" vids.  Ah, who cares?  Just enjoy.  I really hope this doesn't keep newcomers to gaming from having a good time and making their own vids.

Now that this video is done, I'm debating on editing the rest of the footage.  I've enough of it to make a few videos!

Enjoy! (^.^)v


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