Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dis-Information Highway

Out of boredom, curiosity and a bit of idiocy, I Googled myself (yes, it was painful). Doesn't everyone do this to themselves at some point?

Somehow I ended up on, a people search and background check site.

There my name was, in all its forms, as it has changed over the years. And there with it, a list of my "associates"?

Odd, most of the people listed, I've no clue who they are. Yet, this particular (ahem) trusted site sells this type of information to the snoops.

It got me thinking, what if someone were really looking for me about something, I dunno, important. Private even. Then all these strangers would get phone calls and late night visitors at their door. Visitors inquiring about me, and demanding answers! heheee

I say this, because we had someone pounding at our door very late one night. Someone with a big scary voice asking to speak to me. Of course, we did not open the door and even considered calling the police! This rather large man was quite persistent, pounding on the door at intervals before finally giving up and leaving.

He left a calling card on the door. Nice of him.

After calling the number on the rather official-looking (stamped with a seal) card, we discovered the scary man was not looking for me at all, but rather an "associate" of mine. Someone they believed to be my father, who, in reality, was not my relation at all! All of this over a vehicle due to be repossessed. Apparently, I was thought to be hiding the car in the parking lot of our apartment. ha!


I wonder what sort of legal action might be taken one day when sites like get someone shot!


Anonymous said...

Are you insinuating that something on the internet might be less than true?!?!?! Forshame on you!!! :)
Luckily, if you google me, almost nothing shows up!!!

Anonymous said...

Btw, the pic is cool, is it one from your trip?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for freaking me out! I did a search on myself and it seems the only person not included in my past is you... they have my family, ex wife, current wife, and most every place I have lived in for the past 20 years.

I thought was a good place to find people, but this is far more freaky... though you can get addresses and phone numbers at Zabasearch without having to pay any money.