Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A person of fashion, I am not.

So when it's time to attend functions, I struggle to find a decent thing to wear.

I hate shopping!

Strange, I know, for a woman. I guess. Yet I simply can not stand the strangling stench of department store perfume. Nor can I stand browsing through racks and racks of clothing that just looks odd to me. And most of it does look odd, to me.

It seems these days, if one is not emo or ancient, there are few stylishly cool choices out there.

Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong direction!

Were it up to my daughter, this is where I'd be shopping! --->MoonCostumes
I think I'll go for
Yuna's style! haha! :o)


Anonymous said...

For someone who doesn't think highly of fashion, this is a very elegant shot... :)

StarCat70 said...

:o) an unpopular shoe in this house, to be sure! haha