Monday, February 25, 2008

note from a napkin to a loved one

There is such a struggle to find happiness.

Everything in its place.

Need more of this. More of that.

Why is this peace so elusive?

That the children smile and laugh at the little things has taught me not to try so hard.

Perhaps, happiness is like water.

If you try to hold on to it tight, it will slip through your fingers.
Maybe, to get a refreshing drink, it's better to scoop it up with gently cupped hands.



fargo chan said...

i have no excuse for the failure to continue to exist. i'll work on it and perhaps would find a way to end this never ending struggle. yet, love always to you and my family.

StarCat70 said...

this is not failure, love. just a frustration that need not drag us down. we will all work on it.