Tuesday, February 12, 2008

happy geek

Lately, I've combined my love of photography with some movie editing software I recently, and quite reluctantly, acquired.

It had to be done. The Windows Movie Maker I had so loved, was driving me crazy! It wouldn't handle mpegs, nor would it treat the wmv files with much respect.

Having heard the Cyberlink PowerDirector6 was highly rated, I decided to give it a go.
And since I'm not one to read or watch tutorials, I just threw myself in there. I'm sure there is lots to learn about the program's capabilities, but I had little trouble churning out a couple of short vids. You'll likely see some of these "masterpieces" pop up here on this blog, from time to time, as I break-in the new application.

What is it about new software that gets me so excited?
I'm not sure, but I know my father would be proud... :o)

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Anonymous said...

You are hardly a geek!! You have the soul of a gifted artist, not some technical snob... :)

Oh yeah, Happy St Valentine's Day!! :)