Friday, October 24, 2008

early voter

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The presidential election is fast approaching. I'm planning to cast my vote early.

I'm pretty sure my vote here in Texas will matter little, due to the set-up of the Electoral College. Still, it's the principle of the thing.

Come to think of it, it may be wishful thinking that anyone's vote really matters.
The following vid about exposed vote-rigging is old news, yet we can hope history isn't repeated.

Unfortunately, there may already be vote-fraud afoot.


fargo chan said...

outrageous!! old news and it's still going on. still no fix! who do you trust? i know i have to take the bad apple in the basket scenerio into consideration, but this is an old rotten egg that'd leaked it's stinking inerts to the rest of the nest. can't trust the elephant gang. ( no offend to the real elephants).this is real democracy at risk.

StarCat70 said...

ah well, you know what i always say...

Anonymous said...

there is story after story every election about voter fraud, intimidation, etc...heck even this year we have thousands of registered voters on the rolls who are dead or live somewhere else! In the Gore v Bush there were almost 18000 voters who voted in New York state and Florida! If you can not have fair elections bad things will happen, but NO ONE even tries to fix the problem! Heck, in one election all of the voters at a polling station voted in alphabetical order for the democratic nominee for gov. of the state!! Punishment should be HARSH AND SWIFT for those who would subvert the process. ALL who would subvert the process, not just those you happen to disagree with!

StarCat70 said...

The Independent reports on vote-machines flipping the vote

Wired reports on vote-machines flipping the vote

Smear-tactics inciting fear and doubt are one thing. It is entirely another, when you can no longer trust the system to support the right of the people to choose the candidate they wish to choose. Perhaps, historically, both parties are to blame for allegedy "fixing" the election results. This is not acceptable no matter which party is responsible.

If you have watched the video regarding the computer programmer's assignment to create software for the purposes of hacking the vote, favoring the Republican candidate in a past election, then surely you can understand the cynicism against the Republican party in this election.