Sunday, February 05, 2012

Kaleidoscope Experiment III

It had to be done. This one is a final edit of the second experiment. I had finally learned how to fine tune the kaleidoscope effect in PowerDirector 8. It took a while, but in the end, this, the third one, is my favorite.

I suspect, in the future, I'll be doing more of these, using different images, of course. The reason, the peacefulness I feel when gazing into the changing patterns. And too, the beautiful music I've happened across. Kevin MacLeod is kind enough to offer it for the public's use in any project one might dream up.

It would seem, the days of late have been a bit stressful. Time zooms without me, as though I'm in one of those videos standing still with all the many people and cars, mere streaks, rushing by. It's a chaos. Though not entirely unpleasant. More of a distraction from the unpleasant.

Still, I miss those days when it seemed the world spun slower. To what end will this ever increasing speed take us? Well, I suppose we know the answer. What's the hurry, I wonder. And so, I like to make these kaleidoscope things...

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