Wednesday, February 20, 2008

iPod Shuffle Scuffle

I've often wondered what to do when my iPod Shuffle runs out of juice for good. I mean, I use the thing every day. Gotta have that music! I just love my Shuffle. It's durable, the perfect size and clips onto whatever I'm wearing. It's a lovely little gadget.

So, after some research, the discovery was it would cost nearly $60+shipping to have Apple replace the battery. This leads me to think the little guy is disposable, since it cost me 78 bucks to buy it about a year ago.
I mentioned this in the Apple forum. The response to me was~~the Shuffle is
not disposable, is built to last and I should purchase an extension on some maintenance package, so battery replacement would be cheaper.



And now...
Apple dropped the price of the iPod Shuffle to just 49 bucks!!

What does this mean? And does it still cost nearly 60 smackers (plus shipping) to replace the battery??

I think my next Shuffle will be purple :o)


Anonymous said...

ahhh, like a breath of fresh air!! What? You expect logic from a corporation?

StarCat70 said...

:o)...i have high expectations...unrealistic, perhaps...but high, to be sure!! :oD

Anonymous said...

I cannot look at myself in the mirror and talk of the money I've shelled out for the numerous and costly iPod collection i've gone through. In truth, only one of the six I've paid for still plays and it's lost somewhere in Chickasha.

I loved my shuffle, too. It pooped out one day because of some software conflict. i don't know why. My 60 gig and my 80 gig both started locking up so frequently that it was impossible to play them for more than one or two songs at a time. I just threw away two nano's because they were locked up.

If i hadn't spent so many thousands of dollars on iTunes shows and music I'd switch to a different player; as it is they have me by the shorthairs.


StarCat70 said...

argh..that must be aggravating indeed. me thinks there must be a way to transfer the stuff to somewhere and to something else...hmmm....
that may be my next software hunting project! :oD

darn you blasted ipod for these shackles you have bound us with!

heheheeeee... guess i'd better not annoy the 'pod whilst i'm listening to it... :o)

Anonymous said...

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